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House nameHouse of Shadows @ Immortal ^ V^ Covenant
BirthdaySat 06/03/1967
51 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Gemini
Chinese signs Goat, Fire
Time01:56 PM-6 hours
CountryUnited States
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
@*~*~*~*~*----------House Of Shadow, Home of *Shadow_Watcher * -------------*~*~*~*~*@

@*~*~*~*~*----------My many interest varies... I enjoy good music , long walks, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, spending time with My baby. Cars, an other sports. I enjoy family time, late night walks, and long intelligent conversation , feeding......At most I am here to be with My lover and companion. She wears My mark on her and I hers on My chest. My chosen as well as brethren of Immortal Covenant are therefore under My protection...-------------*~*~*~*~*@

@*~*~*~*~*----------Members that desire to become apart of Our Coven "Immortal Covenant" ...Write to Us at Only "serious" minded need apply. I enjoy The Arts as well as creating. I am soon going to be opening up a brand new "Rose Members's Website" for My creations. I will have available both Mortal and Vampyre clothing. Please do not enter My Lair to redicule or "call yourself" attacking anyone within My Lair or those that I have blood bonds with , under the realms of comfort of My protections. You will be dealt with swiftly , if you choose otherwise...-------------*~*~*~*~*@

@*~*~*~*~*----------The House of Shadows Is My Dark Castle... It is My resting place and dwelling. It has 25 rooms each , flourished with the finest p***tings of Ole, antique furniture. My palace is open to all kindred of Immortal Covenant. When I am not out , I am spending time with My lady. Leave a message in my private Coven e-mail ..-------------*~*~*~*~*@

Only 18 and over are allowed over this threshold.

@*~*~*~*~*----------From the bedroom I watch her undress , her body solid silk, calling to Me. I am intrigued by her scent , the fall of her hair as it gathers around her shoulders.. I walk up behind her and nip at her soft flesh .... I taste her and lick over her pulse with deadly intent. She has surrenderes to My demands and is now under My control. S****** at her gently placing soft reassuring kisses about her body. She moans My name outloud , begging for more....-------------*~*~*~*~*@
¸.´¸.*¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.´ (¸.´ (¸¸.¨¯`-..

Rivers Of Her Soul

Bleed me,
she pleaded,
her tears flowed hot,
so river wild,
so river violent.

Take me,
she cried,
bleed me,
make my heart
as cold as stone,
as cold as ice,
I can no longer
stand the p***
of living;
and yet,
I cannot die,
I am too young,
I am too fair,
there's far too much
I haven't tasted,
touched and made my own.

Bleed me,
my lord, I beg of you.
I swear I will be true.
I swear that I will serve you,
gladly and with fervour.

I'll take my youth
and all my questions.

Through me,
you too will feel
alive again,
you will once more
discover how it was
when first
you saw the night,
when first
you raised your wings
and soared
into the singing,
into the radiance
that others
never could perceive,
I heard you speak of it,
I know your wonder
is alive,
my Lord, I beg of you,
take me this night
and bleed me,
bleed me,
make me whole.

The ancient vampire lord
stood still and cold,
in silent white of ages,
already did he know
that he would
take her tears,
that he would
drink her tears,
and leave her drained
but not of that,
her burden,
the rivers of her soul.
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