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*MissyLicious* of Hȣns

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RichAnniversary: 05/21/2007

House nameHȣns
BirthdaySat 10/12/1968
50 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Libra
Chinese signs Monkey, Earth
Time06:06 PM-6 hours
CountryUnited States
Interests and Portrayal

I cannot separate who I am, so love me for who I am. Be real with me, be honest with me, explore with me. If you touch my soul, then I'm yours in loyalty forever, taint my trust, and I'm gone in the night like a glistening mist to the darkest part of the sky. Look in to my eyes, see my soul. If you're not afraid, and willing to learn, trust what you feel. You can see better in the dark with your soul, than in the light with your eyes. Step in to the fire, and be reborn. Let nothing or no one, claim your soul, but give it freely as I have, to the one true soul it belongs to. You'll know when you meet them, and they will know you. Your lives and your souls will entwine and become perfect spirits in the night, and love reborn in the mornings.
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI love Moove because you can do so much with your actors. You can dress creatively, have cool postures, and stay in contact with friends so easily!!! I am hooked, and I've met my love right here on Moove, ty moove!

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