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GenderMale Basic member
Time06:22 PM-1 hour
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
Examples of Oxymora and Perceived Oxymora
act naturally
Advanced BASIC
alone together
Anarchy rules!
anxious patient
baby grand (piano)
bitter sweet
black gold
black light
blind eye
boneless ribs
boxing ring
bug fix
civil war
clean coal
climb down
cold sweat
constant change
critical acclaim
death benefits
definite maybe
Dodge Ram
double solitaire
dry lake
elementary calculus
evaporated milk
first annual
foreign national
forward lateral
freezer burn
fresh frozen
front end
girly man
good grief
graduate student
guest host
half empty
half full
hard water
head butt
Hell's Angels
ice water
idiot savant
industrial park
instant classic
jumbo shrimp
lamp shade
last initial
lean pork
legally drunk
liquid crystal
live recording
living dead
mild abrasive
negative growth
non-dairy creamer
original copy
paid volunteer
passive aggressive
peace force
plastic glasses
plastic silverware
pretty ugly
primitive technology
random order
relaxation exercise
resident alien
restless sleep
rush hour
safety hazard
same difference
silent alarm
slumber party
soft rock
stop action
student teacher
toll free
tragic comedy
unbiased opinion
uninvited guest
virtual reality
wireless cable
and the best of all a rose Friend
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionIts very simple Friends you have Friends you make and you never know whats round the corner in this place
it all things to all people for all my buddies "we are not lovers like that any way it would still be alright "
so glad i found you

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