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Welcome Newbies!

I hope you enjoy your time in MOOVE ;o)

du bist immer willkommen *winks*


These are Live gigs, enjoy them!

Look at these Web Sites for Great things! ;o





Here is something for everyone!

If anyone wants some music let me know!


Here is a great Web Site to check out,
it has many great things to use in moove,
and it's all free to download!


Here are some Sites with the OLD *Basic Rose* Actors!


This Profile is copyrighted

*Jasmine~* copyrights(c)2006-/009


*My love Is Forever*

You're so easy to look at
You're so wonderful to hold
It's so nice to touch you
But so hard to let go
It's so easy to want you
That I can't get enough
Tell me why do ya have to be
So hard to love...

~I Am Forever In Love~

Don't ask the sun to keep on shining, it can't..the clouds exist.
Don't ask the leaves not to fall, they can't...the wind exists.
Don't ask the birds to stop flying, they can't..the sky exists.
Don't ask me two stop falling in love, I can't... You exist...

I will go down with this ship
I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
~I'm in Love, and I Always will be~


All I Want Is You..

You are my sweet addiction
You set my soul on fire
You are everything that
I Wish for, Need and Desire
My Heart Burns Only For You~

The heart is the place where we live our passions,
but it's frail and easily broken
So be careful what you do with it~


Remember me
When the candle lights are gleaming,
Remember me
At the close of a long long day.

It would be so sweet
When all alone I'm dreaming,
Just to know
You still remember me...



Bears All Things
Believes In All Things
Hopes For All Things
Endures All Things
It Heals All Things
Overcomes Everything
Love Never Fails
love Never Leaves
Love Never Gives Up~

What ever the question,
LOVE is the answer!

It is the act of Endless Forgiveness..
A True Heart Always Loves~

*LOVE is the Passionate Dance Between Two HEARTS*

LOVE is to Believe in the Dream,
and Together Make it REAL~

*Ti amo~*

Anniversaries are Celebrations of the Heart~

*Je t'adore.. Veux-tu m'épouse?


Here are some good Rose Sites: (not mine)


Nobody is worth crying over
and the one who is
would never make you cry in the first place!


Whispers in the night...

Du hast mich sehr
glucklich gemacht
ich liebe Dich!

Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionWhat I like best in Rose is you can meet others from all over the World and many will become very good friends,
maybe you will even find the Greatest Love of your life here, I know I did!
It is the perfect place to come when there is pain and sorrow in real life, you can escape into a different world here in Rose.
The people here are mostly here for the same reasons so there is a true connection with everyone.
It is a great Community and most of us wouldn't know what to do without it anymore!
Many have left, but they always come back again when they discover there is nothing at all like Rose anywhere else!
VIVE la Rose!! May you always be here where we all need you for a very long time!
cudos to the scouts, they do a wonderful service to Rose!

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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