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Helpful: 30 bonus pointsAnniversary: 08/30/2008MinisterCupEvent plannerVideo CreatorContestantContest winnerSince more than 10 Years Married to *Lady Footprints*Crush3D designer

House nameL & G Establishment
BirthdayTue 11/20/1962
56 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Scorpio/Sagittarius
Chinese signs Tiger, Water
Time02:50 AM-10 hours
CountryUnited States
Cityanchorage Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 99508 Google Earth Google Maps :Anchorage, County :Anchorage, State :Alaska
Married to*Lady Footprints* ģ 03/22/2009
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
To you Lady Footprints...
I love you so much as my best friend and as my wife...
I have loved you for a long time
Youíve had and will always have my heart!!!
I will try to be the very best husband to you
I know that I will mess up sometimes no matter how hard I try not too
Iíll work hard to never hurt you in anyway
I will always try to make you happy always and forever!!!!
I am so happy that we are going to be married and that our souls will be even closer to each others and will merge into one ....
I love you with all my heart and soul and have loved you for over 4 years
Every day my love grows stronger and stronger
It will never stop growing stronger...
I LOVE YOU LADYFOOTPRINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On march 22nd we were married
You have made me the happiest man on the earth !!
I am so proud that you have allowed me to be your husband
I will try to always be the man you want
I hope that in all that I do that I make you as happy as you have made me on this day .
I Love You!!!!
:Nickname in Real Life /First Namemickey
Birthplacehouston texas
:Left handedno
:Blood Typeyes
Familymom, dad, little brother
:Social classmiddle
Mental Statuscunfuzzeded
:Chronic Diseasessmokeing
My :personality iseasy going
Have been happy with myselfkinda
See the good sides of thingsmost times
One Thing You'd Change About Yourselflooks
Thing You Love Most About Yourselfnothing
How You Feel Looking in the Mirrordont look
How Others See Youask them
Makes Me Happyloveing and being loved
Makes Me Sadnot being loved
Your Weaknesssomeone in need
Your :Fearsnot being loved
Always worrythat the one that i love doent really love me
Thoughts First Waking Upgawd another day?
Are you a Health Freakno
Do you get Motion Sicknesssometimes
Do you believe in yourselfsometimes
Ever been called a :Teaseyes
Do you make fun of peopleno
I believe inlove
I am different inmost ways
I am :passionate aboutfriends
Special Talentmakeing friends
Are you :kinkyyes
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