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Ultra rich: 85519 C$Anniversary: 01/06/2009MinisterGolden CupEvent plannerVideo CreatorContestantCrushHistorical Rose CDHistorical Roomancer CDRoomancer CD3D designer

House nameTwisted Heart
BirthdayThu 10/04/1979
39 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Libra
Chinese signs Goat, Earth
Time12:58 PM-8 hours
CountryUnited States
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameGabi
:Left handedno
:Blood Typeo+
:RaceWhite girl
Pets3 dogs
Mental Statusstill thinking lol
My :personality isfun
Have been happy with myselfsure haven't we all been happy with ourselves at least once
See the good sides of thingssure why not it can't get any worse than the bottom looking up
One Thing You'd Change About Yourselflol
Thing You Love Most About Yourselfeyes and b****
How You Feel Looking in the Mirrordon't look
How Others See Youidk ask them
Makes Me Happyhappy faces, a new born baby, my kids
Makes Me Sadrejection
Makes Me Hotyou will know if I decide you get that right
Your :Fearsrejection
Always worryyes generally
Thoughts First Waking Upwoohoo
Are you a Health Freakno
Do you get Motion Sicknessno
Do you believe in yourselfno comment
Ever been called a :Teasehehe YES hehe
Do you make fun of peopleno but it is fun to ppl watch, lol
I am different inall ways... I am me!!!
I am :passionate aboutmy children
Special Talentcan touch my tongue to my nose
I'm open to also dowhatever comes my way
Turn-onshappy ppl
Turn-offsangry ppl
Are you :claustrophobicyes
Are you :kinkycan be if in the right situation
Do you consider yourself :socialyes
:MottoNo regrets
:Dreamsto be loved by that special someone... Found him my love Jaxxon
Kind of people I likehappy ppl
I am searchingfor happiness
:Lifestylelaid back
My Hangoutsbeach
Three things I can't live withoutcomputer, kids, cell phone
Three things, if alone on an islandsee above
You should come visit me becauseyou have nothing better to do and you want to meet a new person
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyyes believe in both
Do you like :poetrylove poetry especially read by a man
Are you unforgivingyes to a fault
Are you :jealousgenerally no
Are you :enviouscan be
Your Most Missed Memorythe ones not created yet
Your Habits
Your Bedtimewhenever
Your bad time of day4pm
Do you :Smokeno
Do you :Cussnot usually but on occasion yes
Do you :Swearnot usually but on occasion yes
Body :Hygienegreat
Favorite :houseworknone hate housework
Least Favorite houseworkall of it
Do you like love bitingsmiles ummm can be a good thing
Do you like to scareno
Your Most Overused :Phrasewhatev
Your looks
Good Lookingsuppose but it would be best to ask ppl that have seen me
Best Physical Featureeyes and b****
:Skin Tonewhite girl
:Tattoosnot yet soon to come
Scars / Burns / Color Contactsno
:Implantsnot needed
Physical Disabilitiesmy thoughts of my outward appearence
Clothing stylekick back
What do you usually wearJeans, t-shirt, and flip flops
Your everyday make upsimple... mascara
Clothing Brandwhatever
Where do you shopwherever
ColorsDark green, navy, blk and brown
Color you never wearpink
You wouldn't be caught dead wearinganything pink
Hand Nailspainted
Foot Nailspainted and flowers
Arm Jewelleryno
Hairclipsnot clips have hair ties
Watchnot usually
Socksnot needed with flip flops
Shoesflip flops
How many pairs of shoes4
Adidas, Nike, Puma or Reeboksnike and adidas
Undergarmentsat times... need a bra always
Spare Time
Thing to Do Aloneread
Thing to Do With Friendsmovies, dinner, beach
Single or Group Datesboth
Thing to Do in the Eveningbeach
Thing to Do at the Weekendbeach
Thing to Do on VacationVEGAS baby
Readinganything that is a funky romance and love stories
Go outsure why not
moove online
Favorite partmeeting ppl
Best ways, days and times for contactwhen I am on, but can leave a msg
Perfect Partner
:Personalityfun, sweet, attentive
Love & Relationships
Been In Loveyes
Number of Past Relationshipsenough
Number of Datesenough
How Far You've Goneummm all the way
First Datetoo long ago
First :Kisstoo long ago
Whose Ring Do You Wearmine
Oldest Date55
Youngest Date21
Most :Embarrassing Dateno comment
:Blind Datesintriguing but generally uneventful
Do you believe in :love at first sightyes
What do you look for in othersfun fun fun
Have you ever hooked up with a friendyes
Have you ever cried on their shoulderyes
Who would you switch places withno one
Who are you :jealous ofno one
Do you hang out with your friends a lotno no time too
Do looks matteryes but is relative to a good personality
Did you ever change yourself to fit inonce and never will do it again not worth my time
For love or moneylove
What you have done
Been Drunkno
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sexyes
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sexyes
Crashed A Friend's Carno
Been To :Japanno
Been In A Taxiyes eewwwyyy
Been On a Planeyes
Been Firedno
Been In A Fist Fightno
Snuck Out Of My Parent's Houseyes
Been Tied UpOMG YES, woohoo
Played :Detectiveyes
Stolen Somethingno
Gone On A :Blind Dateyes
Lied To A Friendyes and ashamed of it but needed to do it
Had A Crush On A Teacheryes in HS
Hurt Myself On Purposeno
Eaten :Sushiyes eeewwwwyyy
Been :Snowboardingno want to
Flashed Anyoneyes lol
Ever self-pierced any part of yourselfno
Ever dyed your hairyes
Things in my Past I (Will) Regretnothing
Most moving momentgiving birth
Most humbling momentgiving birth
Family & Friends
Friends You Datedenough
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:Religionmy own thoughts
:Good / :Evilgood
Main :MoralNo regrets
:Symbolssun, moon, stars, water, heart
:Elementwater, fire
:Angelsyes-everytime a bell rings and angel gets their wings, my baby got hers
What do you think about
:Drugsno ty
:Alcoholno ty
:Politicsno comment
:Governmentno comment
:Warno comment
:Big Bang Theorywe can talk
:Romanceyes it is there
Medical :Marijuanasure
:Abortionno comment
In A Perfect Worldeveryone would be happy, healthy, and love each other
Kind of musicwhatever is on
Least Favoriterap but will listen to it
Last CD you boughtTaylor Swift
What's in your CD player right nownot sure who uses CD players any more
Do you download musicyes
Do you play an instrumentno
Do you singno
Have you ever been in a bandno
Kind of movieschick flicks
Least Favoritehorror
Kids' Showphineous and ferb
:Commerciallook on my up
Eat & Drink
Kind of fooditalian
Least Favoritemexican... rly anything spicy
Ice Cream Flavormint chocolate chip
Restaurantclaim jumper
Drinkdiet pepsi
Pizzacanadian bacon and peperoni
Snackcherios snack mix
ColaDiet Pepsi
I Watchfootball, baseball, hockey
Kind offunky love stories
:AuthorNichols Sparks
RestaurantMarie Calendars
:Educationfinish RN
Goal To Achieve This Yearhappiness
Greatest wishno comment
What do you want to bea good mom
What do you want to leave behindhappy kids
If I had a million $donate to childrens hospital and March of Dimes
How do you want to Diequietly
Colordark green and burgandy
:Quotesmall minds need closed mouths
Place to bein bed
Place to chillin bed
Place to visitVegas
Time of daymorning
Girl's nameAlexandrea
Boy's nameJakeb
Perfume or cologneperfume- wild honey suckle bath and body works
:PhotographerAnsel Adams
:Smellnewborn covered in baby powder
:Soundkids laughing and newborn baby crying
:Flowerhoney suckle
:Fairy taleany that end with a prince coming to the princess
Butterflyowl eyes
Curse Wordflippin flappin fricken
:Quoteno regrets
Vacation spotVegas
What's on your desktopa lot of crap
My bedroom is decorated likesimple
In my bedroom, you'd findme
Do you like :roller coastersyes
:Appendix or :tonsils removednope have all
Dream carspider
Type of car you drive nowno comment
What was your first carcamry
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionGood ppl and good friends.... The ability to meet others that can share the same thoughts feeling and perspective on things.
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