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Johan of of the Veeken/Veken (1549-1616)
On Johan of of the Veeken/Veken someone has ever gone up, Aad would have wanted gladly write that book himself…., because Johan of of the Veeken/Veken have been indeed very important for both Rotterdam and the Rotterdamse chamber of the VOC.

But read just as, which Johan now those of of the Veeken/Veken have been:

Johan of of the Veeken/Veken

And in the rest of the tale we write Johan of of the Veeken and no Johan of of the Veken….

Johan of of the Veeken were no born Rotterdammer, but an immigrant from Mechelen, who established himself after some years in Antwerp to have lived, in 1583 in Rotterdam.
Its father was a rich herring merchant in Mechelen and its brother Hendrik was huidevetter or learning tanner of profession. Hendrik left rather than Johan to the north. After in Mechelen the burgomaster office to have held he acted already in 1575 as a burgomaster of pine Briel. In 1586 he was registered as a poorter of Rotterdam.

Johan of of the Veeken left to Antwerp in 1583, probably because he saw the belegering and dispossession coming of the city to the Spaniards in 1585, to. (RISKY)

According to another source Johan of of the Veeken left town governing board from Antwerp because of intolerantly calvinistic Antwerpens .....

27 augusts 1585

Parma march in Antwerp

Parma sit on the white horse on the bridge exactly for the town gateway of Antwerp


To coin beaten during the Beleg of Antwerp


Alexander Farnese, duke of Parma

1543 - 1592

son of the country guardian Margaretha of Parma

As rich a merchant, shipowner and banker he took a prominent position in Rotterdam already rapidly. To be trade interests were worldwide.

In Pruisische king mounts he bought for example wood, wheat and flax that he in Bordeaux and in Vianen, Viana Castelo in Portugal to do, sold. Also he sent many ship with grain to Genua and Venice then the grain prices strongly in Italy by large shortages lanes. Moreover he took part in the haringhandel this way in that time important.

The trade activities of Johan of of the Veeken did not remain restricted to Europe. To be ships also sailed to Guinea, West-Indië and Peru and as one of the first Dutch he had been interested in the trade on Oost-Indië. In 1598 he, as it happens, cofinancer of a forwarding of five ships was reach which by means of the state of Magallanes Oost-Indië tried. In spite of the failure of this excursion remained of of the Veeken at Oostindische the trade involved and in 1602, at the establishment of the VOC he was appointed as bewindhebber.

Rekenpenning of Johan of of the Veeken

Except shipowner and merchant was of of the Veeken also banker and moneylender, among other things for Staten-Generaal, the states of the Netherlands and for the country lawyer Johan van Oldenbarnevelt.

Its wealth became apparent among other things in the superb house that he in Rotterdam to the Hoogstraat let build and in the lusciousness Capelle to that he in 1612 bought the IJssel and Nieuwerkerk.

In Capelle he let accelerate an entirely new castle in the area of the old lock with torens, ditches and drawbridges.


Johan of of the Veeken's lock Capelle, rebuilt in 1612

more later property of Aegidius Groeninx


Quotation from this tale:

These rich and distinguished and Johan of of the Veeken, very important for development of Rotterdam, let build therefore to the Hoogstraat this house:

The house to the Hoogstraat of Johan of of the Veeken

in 1870 by a grandson of Carlo Giovanni Francesco Jan, signed Giudici
of the most important town construction masters of Rotterdam


The daughter-in-law of Carlo Giovanni Francesco Giudici this ex-huis van Johan had inherited of of the Veeken with its brother in 1826.

The same house, but then in 1890,
called in the walk the house with the eagle

That eagle been notable? That is weapon of the Hoogheemraadschap Schieland, introduced in 1624, double the eagle that we can find also now still above the entrance of the current Schielandshuis.

Double the eagle above the entrance of the current Schielandshuis

Double the eagle is the weapon of the Hoogheemraadschap Schieland

During the visit of Napoleon to Rotterdam, Napoleon thereby Napoleon stayed immediately this double eagle in the Schielandshuis, were notable, we return on this still…
Johan of of the Veeken never member of the Vroedschap has become because he remained Roman Catholic. At the lock of Capelle he aimed for example a large room as catholic church in and were regulated there thanks to him in Rotterdam catholic services kept.

Of of the Veeken died in 1616 in Rotterdam. At its burial the bell no less than eleven and a half hour were sounded. A worthy farewell of a man who had contributed much to economic flourishes of Rotterdam.

On our site we have also still this concerning sounding the bells of Saint Laurenskerk:

When the verbouwing to sepulchre vault has had, with certainty it has not been confessed. There is however reason this change to lord attribute Jan van Assendelft, a cousin of aforesaid lord Gerrit.
Van Jan van Assendelft has been, as it happens, confessed that Jan van Assendelft as was a first of its line here for the stede resident. Also is certain that Jan van Assendelft in was buried 1618 in Rotterdam, blijkens the accounts of church masters, who mention:

Myn lord of Cralingen 7 uuren beluyt.

For the lord of Kralingen with their own sepulchre vault in Saint Laurenskerk therefore only 7 hours were sounded, a half-measure for the importance of Johan of of the Veeken or not sometimes?

On our site we have also still a tale concerning the catholics during the 80 person whose birthday it is war in Rotterdam, a small quotation:

In 1632 it a convinced Calvinist, even succeeded who still someone was convert member of the vroedschap of Rotterdam, to Catholicism, the complete city spoke. Dr. Johan Bontius, zoo was called the man, remained as a matter of fact ordinary member of the vroedschap already no longer took part he in the common supper….

A year later had the missionary escape go into hiding by means of a roof window and could in the house of the Protestant neighbour man….wrong then a spell was at night dedicated….

As from 1643 one behaved oneself always more tolerant, what becomes clear established from this fancy bit prose by the Rotterdamse bailiff on behalf of a charge of the court of the Netherlands in The Hague, for what aktiever to be in the detection of Rotterdamse catholics:

lck and can do not think that YOU Ed. many gefondeerde clachten of wege onse stadt voorcomen. lck have se t voorleden jaer verscheyden grind ontdeckt, the celebrities several grind voorde Ed. Heeren schepenen sent for, ende against haer geconcludeert according to the placcaten….
We do gestadich delvoir pay attention to haer; sy clagen seer that se in gheen cities less vrijdom have stadt as in onse. lck hebbe the habit, when ick eenighe meeting ontdecke, vandaer before to stride, se all those daer not and living, sijn vertrocken. YOU Ed. please to trust, if we of eenighe meeting know cunnen, onse schuldighe duty wimps do not do keep, maer and cunnen haer sodanich that se, now off do not keep then, at night and t'ontijde, eenighe bijeencomst; sij souden gescadich stiltwachten, ommer sij sijn in wese…

YOU Ed. dienstwillige nastier capacity, the bailiff for the stede of Rotterdam

Now we know that them it made also quite fur in The Hague himself however:

In 1650 Cornelis Musch, clerk of Staten-Generaal died. Not only a complete system of corruption fell with the death of Cornelis Musch in each other, also appeared that Cornelis Musch had deserved grof to catholics who him, Cornelis Musch, with bribes had provided to get w.o. to no charge with niet-katholieke the authorities which of incorruptible dear Staten-Generaal….

And of course we have a tale concerning the first Protestants in Rotterdam on our site also: RISKY
But concerning Johan of of the Veeken is tell of course still much more, for example Johan of of the Veeken, established over in 1993 by the municipality the Rotterdam, Penning and the bust of Johan of of the Veeken to the outside wall of the town hall on the Coolsingel, to start with this last:

Quotation from this tale:

We made of course also a beautiful environment photograph of the splendid town hall, with Right the picture of Van Oldenbarnevelt and left of Hugo large, which was that, can you find in this tale:

To hang out the flag we let us can see, however, that is Rotterdam in 2001 cultural capital of Europe. The town hall has been again cleaned for and has been again sandblasted.
Above the balcon on the above town hall photograph you 5 can discover framed accounts with in the middle:

Johan of of the Veeken

During the construction of the town hall (1909 - 1921) the proposal came a number of boasted perpetuate Rotterdammers above the balcon in 1916, the choice fell incl on era sparrow, Pieter the Hoogh and…. Johan of of the Veeken.

The sculptor E. of of the Tuuk got the task to making the head of Johan of of the Veeken. The man who had insisted to give a call centre to Johan of of the Veeken was archivist Wiersum.

Town archivist E. Wiersum

1904 - 1935


In 1993, decided the municipal authorities from Rotterdam to the annual distribution of a penning with deed for persons who deserving have made themselves at the promotion of the economic activity in Rotterdam.

Initially it was thought of spending Pieter Caland Penning, but unfortunately, which did the foundation port interests already.

Pieter Caland

1826 - 1902


And it was the archivist of Rotterdam which, correct, Johan of of the Veeken presented and therefore the next argumentation in the municipality Council were discussed:

Of of the Veeken became approx. 1549 in Antwerp born, and established themselves in November 1583 in Rotterdam. In our city he was to a great extent active in trade and shipping. Thus he the municipal authorities at the foundation of grant, put he recommended line services on to European ports, provided he capital for trade excursions to America and the spice districts of Oost-Indië, was he driver of the VOC and occupied himself he with the shipping to Guinea, Peru and West-Indië. Finally he had been involved in the diplomatic activities addressed at the relay of the debts of the republic to the English crown. Summarising a considerable of of the Veeken in its time in Rotterdam citizen was who has given much impetus to trade and industry and moreover confessed stood as philantroop.
The design of the Johan of of the Veeken Penning, Draagspeld and deed was made Ninaber van Eijben, of course also the currency of Johan of of the Veeken on the Penning endures:

Stabilis Fortuna Merenti

The luck is durable for which it deserves

Curiously what the currency of Oldenbarnevelt, were ex-pensionaris of Rotterdam?

Nil Scire Tutissisma Fides

Nothing knows the most safe belief is

Oldenbarnevelt in the wall of the town hall of Rotterdam


appeared after 13 May 1619, the decapitation of Oldenbarnevelt and other protagonists


Oldenbarnevelt, knight, lord of Berkel and Rodenrys

Johannes Uyt pine Boogaart, indicated preacher of Zn. Excel. (Maurits)

Hugo Grotius, Pensionaris of the Stat Rotterdam

Rombout van Hoogerbeets, Raedsheer and Pensionaris of the Stat Leyden

Gillis van Ledenberg, secretary of the Heeren states of Utrecht

Adolf van Wael, lord of wrecking mount

And of course of it also a text on the oorkonde at the Johan of the Veeken Penning belonging appears:

Johan of of the Veeken: the man who from the Southern The Netherlands more Rotterdammer come than the Rotterdammers became and energetic for the well-being of city and country worked with eye for trade, banking and industry. Its currency sounded:

Stabilis Fortuna Merenti

The luck is durable for which it deserves

This currency apply on them should which has made himself, in imitation of Johan of of the Veeken, as such deserving for the economic well-being of Rotterdam that they are distinguished with the penning which is name carries.
And of course comes of it still much more concerning Johan of the Veeken .....

For example the tale concerning the small estate founded by Johan of of the Veeken


We got the following reaktie:

Come with much leesplezier on your site. Not yet everything gone through but nevertheless a question. I am employee of museum of remunerations, of remunerations the founder chamber digs Rotterdam. A question, in a book found I this text:

From the kept certificates, which speak of all kinds of matter, one sees that the insurances were very important him. The chance wants that the oldest policy, which kept remained, by him op3 September 1615 with f 1000, - was signed. It concerned a ship of Balthasar of of the Veeken - captain Marten Claessen from Ilpendam that of Cyprus to Amsterdam would sail.

Balthasar of of the Veeken died in 1616 and in the papers of its heritage the policy remained kept. Question 1 you have encountered also something concerning Balthasar of of the Veeken and is a lot intrigued what me where that policy would be itself?

Groet Annette Fehrmann

Unfortunately have we only find have been possible that Balthasar of of the Veeken are no family of Johan of of the Veeken, therefore which help our further????


what is we proud on our family weapon…., smattering jealously certain….

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