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House nameCastle Rouge of Immortal Covenant
BirthdaySun 12/15/1946
72 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Chinese signs Dog, Fire
Time03:44 AM-9 hours
CountryUnited States
CityLas Vegas Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 89108 Google Earth Google Maps :Las Vegas, County :Clark, State :Nevada
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Hi and welcome to Moove Online. *S* Here's a little bit about me. I am an avid reader and have very broad musical tastes. Some of my favorite places include New Orleans, California's Big Sur, Vancouver Island and Europe. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world, learning about their cultures, and I've even tried learning different languages.One of Moove's largest draws is it is a place where people can exercise their artistic talents. I have found the Moove chat site to be THE perfect place to pursue all of these interests.

*************THE MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENT*************

Some of you may have heard rumours circulating around Moove that loveralnite and I have become a real couple. The rumours are true. We are both in Las Vegas and happy as clams. *smiles* Sorry girls, he's taken both in viruality and reality.

**********THE LATEST***********

I have found My Mate, and I love Him with all that I am. He has written Me the following poem, and it is My wish to share it:

To My Love Christine

Sweet Dream

Some delightful dreams are from in you,
And made me lose touch from my reality
As I lay down in the comfort of my bed, it was a delightful dream
I was dreaming of a sweet vision, a vision that was so sweet it was tasteful to me
I dreamed of an angel, with the sweetness in her,
In a peaceful forest, nothing but beautiful flowers and trees
Her skin is like deep chocolate that I love to taste her
With bright white wings sticking out of her back like a white dove wearing a thin, satin white dress,
She held out her warm hand to reach out to me.

I searched for heaven, I found it in the arms of an angel
I searched for love, I found it in the arms of on angel
I searched for security, I found it in the arms of an angel
I searched or compassion, I found it in the arms of an angel
I searched for comfort, I found it in the arms of an angel
I searched for an angel, and I found you.

I love you Babe

His Wedding Vows To Me:


You are my heart and soul, every feeling I know.
You are my black and white, my darkness and my light.
You take away my fear, the only one I hold dear.
You cheer me up when times are blue, when no one else has a clue.
Our love for one another has kept us going, and it has pulled us through.
So wherever we go, whatever we do, remember our love will last.

'Til death do us part, the legend is true, as long as you love me, and I love you.
We will be together 'til the end of time, your love and hope forever mine,
So remember Iím always here for you,
no matter what, in mind, body, heart, spirit, soul.
Lovers eternal, friends it's true, you have me and I have you.
I want to care for you and always be there for you,
I want to be your shoulder to cry on, someone to rely upon,
I carry you when you canít go on, Iíll be your rock thatís strong.

We can take the world on, hand in hand,
We can forge a love thatís strong, a friendship thatíll never go wrong,
We can be happy and sad, but always glad,
We have each other, now and forever.

My Wedding Vows To Him:


We are one dreamer sharing moments forged in dreams,
Wanting only to experience life's musical themes
When I need a Rock, You are hard as steel
When I need a shoulder, yours is all I feel
If I need a hug, Your arms are strong
When I am with You, nothing goes wrong

You are My all and My everything
So I give You this ring
As a symbol of My love
And with it an oath that will soar like a dove.
'Til death Us do part to Me You say
A promise to remember both night and day

Your love is always tender and sweet
I always bless the day We did meet
You wanted a friend and this I became
And now there's much more, I want your name
You will have Me, and I will have You
In a bond uncompromised, I vow it's true.

Tim, together we will forge through the chaos and walk into the eye of the storm. Therein lies our redemption.

I love You.

******MY RETURN TO MOOVE******

I am forever indebted to my good friend *Isis* for making me some private templates to design outfits for. I have said this before and will say it again and again, *Isis* you are a queen.

*S* My luck holds. I have met another great artist in Rose. His name is Liath. He has been more than generous in providing me with marvelous (and barefoot) templates so that I may again start to design female s**** and kajira acts. Many thanks Sir. You are quite a gem. And a very special thanks to Secseelegs for pleading my case with Liath. *s*

I have many wonderful actor designers to thank, even though they may not still be here. I wish to mention them here as I will never forget their kindness. They include neo10, Bijou, Menki, Vickie1, Kittie, *Lacy217* and others I am probably failing to mention. My advanced SnowLeopard acts have Bijou's original Carmen face, one of my all-time favorites. I will admit I tweaked with it just a bit. DrJ was my mentor in posture design. I am forever indebted to all of them for their patience in teaching me some of their masterly skills.

I'd like to send a VERY special shout out to my friend Rabble, who is not only responsible for my being here but also for designing one of my websites. He was the first to tell me about Moove Online. Anyway, Rabble and I have been online friends for over 7 years, and I am crazy about him. :-) He knows I love him with all my heart. Thanks's been one hell of a ride. *S* ........and one I don't ever intend to jump off of. *grins*

Since this is getting more like a short story than a few, quick words, I'll close with saying hello to all my Moove friends and by saying to friends yet unmet, I look forward to chatting with you. Please stop by and say hello.
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionWhat I like best about Moove Online is the friendliness of the majority of members. There is always someone to help you with any problem you might have. *Belle*, maxxie and *Lothar* have always been approachable and will help if all else fails. Moove Online is also a wonderful place to learn about different people and cultures. If you have a creative spirit as I do, you will have a chance to use it alot. In my opinion, Moove Online has been and always will be the best 3-D chat site net-wide.

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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